How to Earn Money from Facebook?

Friends, today’s topic is How to Earn Money from Facebook? In today’s time, there is hardly any mobile user who does not use Facebook. But most people use Facebook only for entertainment and time pass. But probably very few people know that we can also earn money through Facebook!


So if you also want to earn money from FB then today’s post is just for you! Because today I am going to tell you that How to Earn Money from Facebook? So if you also want to know, then definitely read this post till the last!

How to Earn Money from Facebook?

How to Earn Money from Facebook?

Well, friends, there are many ways to earn money from Facebook! But in this post, I am going to tell you about some of the main ways, with the help of which you can earn thousands to lakhs of rupees every month from Facebook!

1. Through Affiliate Marketing

This method is the best and easiest way to earn money from Facebook! With the help of this people are earning up to lakhs of rupees a month. For this, you have to join the affiliate program of any eCommerce website.

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After this, you have to share the affiliate link of their products on Facebook! Now if someone buys a product through this link, then you get a very good commission! If you have a well-liked Facebook page, then you can earn a lot with the help of Affiliate Marketing!

2. Selling Facebook Page

If you have a page on Facebook that has thousands of likes, then you can earn money by selling this page too! Because many big companies buy big Facebook pages to promote their product or service and advertise their brand or product through them!

3. Selling Facebook Group

If you have a big Facebook group just like a Facebook page! In which there are thousands of members, then you can earn money from Facebook by selling this group of yours.

If you do not have a group, then you can create your own group on Facebook absolutely free and after that, you can add your friends and other people there! And when you have thousands of members in your group, then you can sell it at a very good price!

4. By Promoting Your Business

If you have a business, then you can take great advantage of promoting your business on Facebook. If you have a good like page or a group, then you can promote the business coming through it too! Apart from this, you can also use Facebook Ads to promote your business.

5. Via Shortlink

If you have a page or group on Facebook and there you provide any kind of downloading link! So you can share this link by shortening it from any shortlink website! You will find many shortlink websites on the internet where you can create your account. From here you can also get up to 5 dollars for 1000 clicks! And if these clicks come from USA etc. then you will get up to $15 too!

6. Through Online Teaching

For this, you can create a group on fusb7. And by adding people there, you can initially teach for free! After this, when your group becomes famous, then you can keep some charge of joining your group! And in this way, you can also earn money through online teaching.

7. Via PPD Website

If you share any kind of downloading the file, then now you must have uploaded it on Google Drive or Mega, etc., and gave its link! But internet they are too many PPD websites! If you upload these files there and share their link on Facebook, then you earn for every download!

Apart from this, there are many ways to earn money from Facebook. But I have told you about the easiest and main ways here! So, friends, this was our today’s post, How to Earn Money from Facebook? Hope you liked this information! I hope you like this article, If you like then share it with your friends and if you have any questions then you can ask in the comment box given below this post.

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