Top 5 Best TWT Earphones Under Rs.2000

Top best Ear Buds In India


Let’s start, I am going to talk about 5 earphones from Rs.1400-1500 & Rs.2000-2100

But I am going to tell you which one you should take. Because everyone’s requirements are different. So read carefully!

#5 Redmi Earbuds 2C

They are priced at Rs.1499 & If your budget is under Rs.1500, then you can definitely look at them. Their drivers are 7.2mm & we have tested them. They are IPX4 certified as well. The one bad thinks is that it is battery goes 4 hours on a singe charge but you can get 12 hours of backup with the case. It should have at least been 20-24 hours & that’s why it is on #5. But all other thinks are good.


#4 OPPO Enco Buds

OPPO Enco Buds – You will like these if you are an active person who works out all the time. Because it has IP54 certification, meaning it is dust & water resistant for outdoor activities. Its price is Rs.1799, you get a 6 hours playtime on single charge & 24 hours battery with the case. So you can use them for 3-4 days once you have fully charged the case & the buds. You will get 8mm drivers & the latest Bluetooth 5.2 support. We have tried them, overall & they are quite good for the price.

#3 Truke Buds S1

Truke Buds S1- The total backup of single buds is 10 hours & total with the case, you get 72 hours OMG! Yes it is audio quality is ok & its price is Rs.1499. The audio isn’t the best but the battery backup is great! You get 10mm drivers, but still the audio quality is ok. But if you want battery, touch controls, etc.


#2 Realme Buds Q2 Neo

Realme Buds Q2 Neo- It has  touch controls! I like the fact that you can control & assign functions as well. Aong with that, you get 10mm drivers & it has good audio quality. Battery is good at 5 hours on single charge & 20 hours of total backup time. It is not the best but it is still good enough. It is IPX4 certificated support Bluetooth 5.0 & has ENC ( Environmental Noise Cancellation). In fact the TWS before had some amount of passive noise cancellation. And the Q2 Neo price is Rs.1599.





#1 DIZO GoPods New- It’s an Independent brand now & not a sub brand of realme.

2-3 thinks are very good! But let me tell you that it’s price is around Rs.2100-2200 but we have still included it for it is features!

you get ANC ( Dual Mic Noise Cancellation ) Which is good as you can silent the noise while using it. Yes it does not have the ANC level as a Rs.10,000 TWS earphone but it is there!

You get touch controls & you also get the realme link app support & they come under realme’s IOIT ecosystem. So you will also get updates for your TWS so the audio might get improved. It is IPX5 so that’s good, it supports Bluetooth 5.2 & has 10mm drives. It runs for about 7 hours on single charge & a total of 28 hours with the case. So that’s quite good! If you look at the overall things , I think DIZO GoPods Neo are definitely at #1 TWS under Rs.2100!

Now you guys tell me your opinions because there are many brands of TWS earphones. If you think there are other TWS that should have made the top 5 then do let us know in the COMMENTS!


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